Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When you only have a few minutes of time....

Marv Rosen started planning his family's trip to Germany and Amsterdam in 2013, a full year in advance of their arrival in late September of 2014. We spoiled the family with an 8-day adventure including ancestral villages, history and scenery. 

For a full description and more detail please visit the European Focus home page. 

What makes European Focus Private Tours so special? 

We create every tour for each client or set of clients. We're not a big bus tour company. We cater to singles, couples, families and groups of friends who share a common interest. As of July 18, 2023 we have done 338 tours.

Unlike a big bus tour, when you're on a European Focus Private Tour, every minute of every day is not scheduled. We travel easy and we take the back roads whenever possible, so that you can truly get to know the country. We're not in a rush to meet some impossible schedule. We don't push you. (Or pull you) Our clients love the flexibility that comes along with having their own driver and guide and vehicle.

In line with this philosophy, which runs completely counter to the 'Promising More is Better' approach of big bus tours and cruises, we don't get involved with 'If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium' type of rush-rush-rush from one city to the other trips. Naturally, if you really do want to "Check off the boxes" and do a fast-paced tour, we will adjust. These types of tours cost more. Our normal tours take the other direction and plan easy-paced, introspective tours which do not leave you breathless and exhausted at the end.

How Many in a 'Group?

That's the wonderful thing about our service and what makes it 'click' with so many of our clients. You don't need to 'fill up' a bus in order to go. With European Focus, you are the 'group,' even if it is just you, or you and your partner or your family. We never mix and match strangers just to fill a tour. Most of our trips are with just two people - that's right, two. This means maximum attention and flexibility to go where you want to go, at your pace, according to your unique and personal interests. We use our combined more than four decades of European travel experience to work with you on the details and help fill in any blanks. 

How Does This Work? 

You tell us what you want to see and do, and for how long. We create the itinerary and from there, it is a dynamic process of back and forth between us to fine-tune it to the point where you say, 'Let's Go!' Pricing is provided when the itinerary is nearly complete. We need you to let us know what your per person budget is as part of the trip interest form process. Without this information, we have no basis to determine if European Focus is right for you, or not. 

What are the Rules? 

A full description of our established rules and regulations can be found here. 

How Much Does it Cost? 

European Focus Private Tours are highly-specialized and custom-designed. Think of the difference between a frozen TV dinner and one that has been prepared for you by a chef using the finest ingredients. Therefore, the cost is higher than the mass-produced bus tours, which are run again and again on the same track with no deviation. However, when you think about how much time those on bus tours spend just waiting for other people, plus all of the other minuses associated with mass produced travel, European Focus is the right choice for a select group of travelers who want more out of their travel experience. We serve fewer than 65 people per year, so those who choose European Focus are members of a very exclusive family.  

What is Included? 

Plenty of personal attention. Hotels in a class far above what the mass produced bus tours provide, transportation on the ground either by our luxurious full-sized van or rented vehicle according to where your tour is taking place, sightseeing, incidentals, tolls, fuel, your guide's fee and a meal or two along the way. If needed train travel or plane travel may also be a part of your tour.

Is Every Dinner Included? 

We don't include most lunches and dinners because we find that most clients want to have their dinner alone for much-needed private time to talk about the day and about personal matters. Your guide needs those few hours in the evening to have needed down time and for planning the next day. And, breakfast in Europe is very substantial, allowing many to skip the midday meal. 

What About Airfare? 

We can point you in the direction of an experienced travel agency if you need help arranging your air travel to your tour beginning point and back.

We are happy to answer your questions! Please let us know how we can help you on your way to making this decision.

What if Something Happens to You, or to Me, and My Trip Cannot Go Forward? 

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance is mandatory for all European Focus tours. Premiums vary but are usually from 5% to 10% of your trip cost. We can arrange trip insurance for you. 

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

No, we do not. Your personal check is welcome. Payments are made at the contract signing stage, and then at the 90 and 30 day prior to your trip marks.

We have led many trips in our career, nearly half of those with people coming back for a consecutive trip or trips. We not only take care of you, we spoil you!

Thank you,

James Derheim

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